On board The Disney Fantasy

On board The Disney Fantasy

The Disney Fantasy The Disney Fantasy

Disney Cruise Line's newest ship The Disney Fantasy will have its' maiden voyage Saturday but all this week members of the media are on board the ship checking out all the fun things you can do.

Photo Gallery: On board The Disney Fantasy

Photo Gallery: Disney Fantasy arrives at Port Canaveral, March 6, 2012

The Disney Fantasy is the second of two newly designed Disney Cruise Line ships. The Disney Dream entered service in January 2011 . The 4,000-passenger Disney Fantasy will sail week-long Caribbean cruises from Port Canaveral, Fla., with its maiden voyage scheduled for March 31, 2012.
Both the Fantasy and Dream were built at the Meyer Werft shipyard in Papenburg, Germany.

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On board the Fantasy there is entertainment for guests of all ages.

AquaDuck Water Coaster:

Guests will get swept away in AquaDuck, a flume ride that stretches 765 feet in length – more than two and a half times the length of a football field – and spans four decks in height. Guests slide 13 feet over the side of the ship in a translucent "swing out" loop allowing them to look down on the ocean 150 feet below and experience coaster-like thrills as high-powered water jets push them upwards and forwards at 20 feet per second.

Magical Youth Spaces Aboard the Disney Fantasy

Disney's Oceaneer Club

Located on Deck 5 midship, Disney's Oceaneer Club is a child-friendly oasis that transports kids to the magical lands of Disney fairies, friendly monsters, adventuresome toys and undersea exploration. Disney's Oceaneer Club is open to 3-to-10-year-old children.

A central rotunda serves as the main gathering place. There are constellations of Disney characters created by fiber optics twinkling across the ceiling and iridescent finishes that give the room a sparkling glow. The focal point is a stage where children can create and star in their very own theatrical performances, participate in storytelling sessions and delight in meeting Disney characters, such as Tinker Bell and Peter Pan.

• The Disney's Oceaneer Club's rotunda has a 103-inch plasma screen for watching movies and for magical interactions with a "most excellent" live character: Crush, the sea turtle from the Disney•Pixar animated motion picture "Finding Nemo," stops mid-stream in his digital undersea environment to chat, play and joke with kids in live, unrehearsed conversations. These one-of-a- kind, personalized experiences with Crush continue Disney's legacy of bringing characters to life in new and incredible ways.

• Located in the rotunda is a Magic PlayFloor. A cruise industry first, the interactive floor allows children to engage in group activities where their movements control the action. Youth counselors also use the Magic PlayFloor during storytelling activities where children will fly over the streets of London with Peter Pan, help their frog feast on a bug banquet themed to "The Princess and the Frog" and race cars around a track just like Lightning McQueen from "Cars."

• In the vibrantly colored Andy's Room, the world of the Disney•Pixar "Toy Story" films comes to life. Kids experience the feeling of being toy-sized as they play among larger-than-life characters from the animated film. Children can rearrange features on Mr. Potato Head, crawl through the coiled body of Slinky Dog and get behind the wheel of an oversize, remote-controlled race car.

• Monster's Academy is a fun, interactive space inspired by the Disney•Pixar film "Monsters, Inc." The centerpiece is an elaborately themed play structure for climbing that is fashioned after the film's scare floor, where monster pals Michael "Mike" Wazowski and James P. "Sulley" Sullivan work. Computers integrated into the walls feature unique, interactive games.

• In Pixie Hollow, children are transported to the enchanted land inhabited by Tinker Bell and her fairy friends. A pixie tree stands in the room, its branches extending overhead with hundreds of fairy lights twinkling among the leaves and hummingbird-sized fairy houses hanging from the boughs. In this magical forest setting, children can make crafts just like a true tinker fairy while sitting on stools shaped like acorns and mushrooms or dress up in fanciful costumes.

• Explorer Pod is inspired by the Disney•Pixar animated film "Finding Nemo." Surrounded by a seascape and seeming to emerge from a pool of water, a bright blue-and-yellow submarine surfaces in the center of the room. Inside, children can explore and play games at 16 interactive computer stations. Outside the sub, eight computer stations provide gaming fun as the familiar flock of seagulls from "Finding Nemo" looks on.

Disney's Oceaneer Lab

Disney's Oceaneer Lab, located on Deck 5 midship, takes 3-to-10-year-old children on a journey of discovery and exploration.

Upon entering the main hall, filled with maritime instruments and nautical artifacts, children feel as though they are embarking on a great adventure. At the main

hall stage, kids can create and star in swashbuckling performances, hear stories of great expeditions and watch movies.

• Utilizing the same techno-magic that brings Crush to life in Disney's Oceaneer Club, Disney's Oceaneer Lab features special scheduled visits by Disney's mischievous animated alien Stitch. Playful pandemonium ensues as he engages with children in unrehearsed antics. From his spaceship, the cuddly but naughty alien interacts with young guests, chatting with them and using props from his spacecraft surroundings to create hilarious fits of havoc.

• Located in the main gathering space is a Magic PlayFloor, a cruise industry first featuring the latest in interactive gaming technology. Here, kids' movements control the action. For example, children step into the futuristic world of Tron with a team-based game, leap over lasers with Stitch and scramble around the perimeter of the floor to control the tilt of a virtual maze.

• The Animator's Studio draws out the character inside all kids. Incorporating elements from both classic and modern animator's studios, the room is filled with maquettes (three-dimensional character models), animation books, a light box table, drawing accessories, computer stations and other tools of the animation trade. Children can use their imagination to create original, hand- drawn art or learn how to sketch their favorite Disney character. With the help of a counselor and an animation simulator, kids can bring computer-animated characters to life.

Connecting the Disney's Oceaneer Club and the Disney's Oceaneer Lab on Deck 5 are two Workshops. In these specialized areas, kids concoct creations in an interactive science lab, conduct crazy experiments, express their creativity through art projects, stretch their culinary skills and participate in other hands-on activities.

It's a Small World Nursery

In the It's a Small World Nursery, located on Deck 5 midship, infants and toddlers ages 3 months to 3 years enter a whimsical world inspired by the classic Disney theme park attraction and original artwork by Disney Legend Mary Blair. The theme's signature fanciful style in a patchwork of pastel colors creates an inviting and comforting space for little ones.

Upon entering the nursery, parents and children can meet and interact with counselors in a welcoming environment. Parents wishing to check on their children, without disturbing them, can glimpse into the nursery's main play area through a one-way window.

In the nursery's main play area, children are welcomed by cheerful, three-dimensional façades resembling the nursery's namesake Disney attraction. Interactive, hands-on features, such as horns that honk, wheels that spin and buttons to press, are sure to delight curious kids. A boat in the center of the room "floats" on a river pattern along the soft-surface floor and is surrounded by colorful, kid- sized tables and chairs for toddlers to enjoy crafts, books and games.

At the back of the nursery, a separate room with a serene motif and a calm, quiet atmosphere is reserved for naptime.

Teens and Tweens

Teen Club – Vibe

Teens rule in their own exclusive club aboard the Disney Fantasy with Vibe, an extensive indoor/outdoor space on Deck 5 forward created especially for guests ages 14 to 17. A "teen-only" swipe card provides access to the nearly 9,000-square-foot teen club.

The interior space is trendy, casual and inviting. Sleek forms, vibrant colors and avant-garde designs combine to create the ideal teen crash pad. Modular, movable furniture and cushy chairs are plentiful and invite teens to kick back in style.

• A fountain bar offers tasty refreshments, such as soda, juice, smoothies and coffee drinks.

• A media room with video gaming and movie watching serves as the central gathering space. There's a 103-inch LCD screen with digital surround sound and, around the perimeter of the room, oval wall "pods" designed as individual nooks for reclining and watching personal video screens or playing video games.

• Teens have at their fingertips the technology to create and edit videos using the latest computer software. They can play games and access the onboard social media application at one of several computer stations in the lounge or via their own WiFi-enabled device. Via the social media application, teens can post photos and videos and leave messages and comments for each other during the cruise.

• In the dance club area, aspiring DJs can try their hand at spinning and mixing tracks. A colorful, lighted dance floor and video wall set the stage for dance parties. On a separate stage, teens can take the spotlight during talent shows, karaoke contests and dance competitions.

Outside, teens have their own private deck area – a modern space that gives them an opportunity to enjoy some fun in the sun without ever leaving the teen club. There are plenty of mod chairs and chaise lounges for sunbathing, two wading pools, fountains, pop jets and misters for cooling off. For recreation,

teens can play deck games, such as ping-pong, foosball and more.

Tween Club – Edge

Located inside the forward funnel on Deck 13 is Edge, a lounge just for tweens ages 11 to 13. This tween pad is a loft-style space with a multitude of hi-tech entertainment. The décor is retro with bright colors and funky finishes.

• Notebook computers integrated into the design create individual computing stations for tweens to play games and access the onboard social media application exclusively for them. On this "blog spot," tweens can communicate with each other during the cruise by leaving messages, comments and posting photos and videos.

• A huge video wall is designed for gaming, movies and television viewing. Stretching more than 18 feet long and nearly 5 feet tall, the state-of-the-art video wall can be utilized as one giant screen or separated into smaller individual screens.

• A lighted dance floor and multi-colored ceiling lights set the perfect stage for a dance party or some individual free-styling. Nearby, a nearly 10-foot cinema screen descends from the ceiling, providing videos and lighting effects.

• Another hi-tech highlight that's sure to thrill tweens is the ability to create and star in their own photo postcards and video karaoke using green-screen technology.

Being in the funnel, this tween haven offers impressive views of the pool decks below…but with a catch: tweens can see out, but guests on the decks cannot see in.

As an added "wow," the ship's water coaster, AquaDuck, winds through the forward funnel. Three portholes in Edge provide silhouetted views of AquaDuck riders as they zoom through the tunnel.

Chill Spa for Teens

Guests ages 13 to 17 have the coolest chill spot on the ship: Chill Spa. Located inside Senses Spa & Salon on Deck 11, it includes two treatment rooms with showers and a separate seating area where teens can stress less and chill out with spa treatments designed just for them, including:

• Fabulously Fruity Facial – uses an organic mixture of fresh fruits to moisturize and refresh.

• Hot Chocolate Wrap – a delicious, soothing body wrap with anti-oxidants.

• Tantastic Body Bronzer – a hydrating body bronzer nourishes skin with a sun-kissed glow.

• Surfer's Scrub – an invigorating exfoliating treatment with fresh lime, lemon and ginger.

• Ice Cream Manicure and Pedicure – yummy ingredients give hands and feet a sweet treat.

Family Entertainment

It's Show Time!

Every night is show time at Walt Disney Theatre, an elegant, 1,340-seat entertainment palace that spans three decks with orchestra and balcony seating, and is resplendent with art deco styling recalling luxurious show places of a bygone era. At the same time, it is equipped with theatrical technology that makes it one of the most advanced venues on land or sea, bringing original productions and Disney stories to life in a whole new way.

The lineup of musicals presented at the Disney Fantasy Walt Disney Theatre includes "Wishes," "Disney's Aladdin – A Musical Spectacular," "Disney's Believe," "A Fantasy Come True" and "An Unforgettable Journey." Here's a look at what's in store:


A new ship means new main stage entertainment at the Walt Disney Theatre, and "Wishes" is a spectacular production debuting on the Disney Fantasy. This signature show is a 45-minute musical journey about three best friends who discover the secret to being a grown-up is staying connected to their inner child.

The story begins as long-time best friends Kayla and Nicole along with Nicole's twin brother Brandon visit Disneyland to celebrate their high school graduation. Each is unsure of what the future holds for them, so they make a wish to go on the "Ride of Our Lives" – the show's original opening number.

Their wish evokes an enchanted world where a cavalcade of Disney characters – including Rapunzel, Flynn Rider, Lilo, Stitch, Mulan, Hercules, Pinocchio, Timon and Pumbaa – materialize to guide the teens through their magical journey.

Full-scale production numbers and special effects bring excitement to the stage as the cast of "Wishes" performs original songs and classic Disney tunes with a contemporary twist. Notable moments include:

• In an over-the-top musical comedy production number, the song "I've Got a Dream" from "Tangled" sets the scene as the Snuggly Duckling Tavern comes alive with Rapunzel, Flynn Rider and a tavern full of hilarious thugs.

• In the "Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride" scene inspired by "Lilo and Stitch," the stage fills with giant windsurfing sails, kites and surf boards. The infectious music inspires Kayla as she rides a surfboard, flying atop a giant blue wave silk.

• King Louie and the Monkeys perform a high-energy swing band version of "I Wanna Be Like You" from the Jungle Book.

In the final act, the trio celebrates their extraordinary journey at a graduation party as the pop tune "Breakthrough" from the Disney Channel original movie "Lemonade Mouth" keeps the revelry going.

"Disney's Aladdin – A Musical Spectacular"


to Disney Cruise Line, "Disney's Aladdin – A Musical Spectacular" takes the stage on the Disney Fantasy. During this Broadway-style production, guests laugh along with the wise- cracking Genie and the characters from the classic animated Disney film "Aladdin."

In this fast-paced musical comedy, Aladdin is back as the "street rat" of Agrabah meeting a Genie who grants him three wishes, battling the evil Jafar, and falling in love with Princess Jasmine.

Classic scenes and songs from the movie are re-created on stage – and some of the action even spills out into the aisles, like Prince Ali's jubilant arrival in Agrabah on the back of a stallion. Magic lamps, wise-cracking genies, princesses and evil wizards are all part of this musical production.

And of course, an Aladdin production would not be complete without a magic carpet scene. In this spectacular, mechanical wizardry and state-of-the-art projections combine to send Jasmine and Aladdin soaring as they perform a heartfelt duet of "Whole New World."

Many of the songs from the movie are featured in the 45-minute musical production, including "Friend Like Me," which is performed as a lively, Las Vegas-style production number featuring special effects, illusions and more than a dozen dancing genies. Composer Menken, who created the original soundtrack with songwriters Howard Ashman and Tim Rice, composed an original song for the stage production entitled "To Be Free."

"Disney's Believe"

"Disney's Believe" is a stage spectacular that combines a heartfelt story with a captivating musical score. The lavish production tells the story of a workaholic father who, through the power of Disney magic, reconnects with his daughter and learns a valuable lesson about what is important in life.

"Disney's Believe" takes guests to the garden of Dr. Cornelius Greenaway, a brilliant botanist obsessed with cultivating his precious plants. Dr. Greenaway is so preoccupied with his garden that he overlooks the birthday of his daughter, Sophia. Saddened, Sophia makes a special birthday wish and the impossible happens: Genie from Disney's "Aladdin" appears to make her wish come true.

Joined by a host of characters, Genie takes Dr. Greenaway on an enchanting journey into the world of Disney stories. Through spirited production numbers, Dr. Greenaway learns that magic is real and is embodied in his beloved daughter.

More than 20 of Disney's most beloved characters take the stage during "Disney's Believe," including Cinderella, Peter Pan, Mary Poppins, Belle ("Beauty and The Beast"), Rafiki ("The Lion King") and Princess Tiana ("The Princess and the Frog").

"A Fantasy Come True" Welcome Show

"A Fantasy Come True" is a 45-minute, high-energy, multimedia musical production that follows one family's journey as they discover the amazing experiences and enchanting surprises that await them aboard the Disney Fantasy. Ultimately, they learn the greatest experience the ship has to offer is the opportunity to make memories – together as a family – that will last a lifetime.

"An Unforgettable Journey" Farewell Show

"An Unforgettable Journey" is a good-bye hug in the form of a 45-minute musical production that allows guests to reflect and savor the experience they have had onboard the Disney Fantasy. This farewell show connects the guests' experiences to the man who started it all – Walt Disney – through audio and video clips that steep the memorable moments and distinctly Disney touches in Walt's words and wisdom.

Party on Deck

In addition to nightly stage productions, Disney Cruise Line brings the upper decks of the Disney Fantasy to life with incredible live entertainment.

The fun begins with "Sailing Away," a "welcome aboard" show starring Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse and the Disney gang. The show is a celebration of the fun aboard a Disney cruise, building to the exciting sounding of the ship's horn.

During a special night of each cruise, the Disney Fantasy transforms into a pirate ship with a night of events brimming with buccaneer fun and a fireworks spectacular.

The evening kicks off on the Donald's Pool stage with "Mickey's Pirates IN the Caribbean," a family-friendly interactive show featuring the famous Disney characters. Guests become members of Mickey's Pirate Crew as they participate in a series of pirate-themed musical numbers.

Later in the evening, Jack Sparrow from the "Pirates of the Caribbean" films makes a special appearance on deck in "Hunt Fer Jack," a thrilling live-action pirate showdown which culminates in "Buccaneer Blast" – a spectacular display of piratical pyrotechnics.

As the night rolls on, a high-tech, open-air dance party on the upper decks of the ship heats up. Guests unleash their inner pirate and dance their boots off during "Club Pirate," a family- friendly bash featuring electrifying music, stunning visuals and special effects.

Fireworks at Sea

The only cruise line to feature fireworks at sea, Disney Cruise Line ups the entertainment ante and lights up the

sky with a fireworks extravaganza.

As part of the pirate night celebration, the skies above the Disney Fantasy explode with brilliant colors during "Buccaneer Blast." With more "bang" than ever before, the pyrotechnic spectacular is choreographed to a dramatic score featuring songs from the "Pirates of the Caribbean" movies.

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