Investigating EVPs and talking to the dead

Investigating EVPs and talking to the dead

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Is there life after death?

Some say yes, there is and they can prove it, using something called an EVP or electronic voice phenomenon.  And there are investigators right here in Arizona who claim these recordings allow them to hear from the dead.

"That's really the one way you can communicate with what may be in the location," said Lori Marshall, Vice President and coo-founder of The Arizona Paranormal Research Society.

"An EVP.. electronic voice phenomenon is when you capture and record a voice from nowhere," said Frank Madrid, President and co-founder of The Arizona Paranormal Research Society.

Lori and Frank, along with other members of T.Az.P.R.S. investigate the unknown and they do it free of charge.

"It's really just whoever needs our help," said Lori, who adds that often an investigation turns into weeks of work and results can be startling.

"That's my favorite part of the whole paranormal investigation thing is getting that recording that makes you jump in the air.. wow -- did you hear that, you know," said Frank.

EVPs are recorded using digital recorders.  Investigators place the devices, then walk away, or sit quietly as they ask questions.

"We ask very deliberate questions so we will say what do you like better, steak or chicken?" said Marshall.  "So if something comes back and says steak, you know that wasn't a car driving by, it wasn't a dog barking -- that was an intelligent answer to a specific question."

Voices from beyond the grave are not heard by investigators at the time the recordings are made.  But they are discovered when the tapes are heard on playback.

"We don't hear this stuff when it's being recorded.. not at all.  The only time we hear it is when we play it back again," said Frank.

The group recorded an EVP during an investigation of the Grand Hotel in Jerome.

"This one says I am right here.. they are trying to get our attention," said Frank.

On another recording, two investigators are talking in a nearby room during a residential investigation in Tucson.  They never heard a child screaming until they played back the tape.

"Now that would make me jump up and see what's wrong with the kid," said Frank.

But the two women heard nothing at the time the recording was made.

Sometimes the recordings have to be played backward.

"It's called reverse speech," said Frank.

Listen to the recordings carefully and decide for yourself.  Is the voice from beyond the grave or static interference?

To learn more, we decided to conduct our own EVP session with our own recorders and a device that scans the entire radio spectrum.  We also enlisted the help of internationally known medium Jamie Clark.

"It becomes an instant receptor of that information whatever that might be," said Clark.  "When they do that, it's impressed upon my mind and the only difference between myself and a recorder is I am able to communicate effectively what they are showing me or telling me or making me feel."

Clark asked the questions and we recorded possible responses.  First, Clark reached out to someone he knew.

"Doctor Ireland"

EVP: "Go ahead."

Clark reached out to the late doctor Richard Ireland -- famous for his psychic abilities.

"Did we help those children that you said we helped?

EVP: "For sure."

The EVPs recorded were brief, but according to Clark, that's all some people can handle.

"The recorder is here's just the one word or a couple of words, that's it that sometimes is all the people can handle at the moment," said Clark.

The Arizona Paranormal Society even has an EVP on video tape.

"I got my camera and I'm like echo, no big deal," said Frank.

While investigating the Vulture Mine near Wickenburg.

EVP: Echo -- "Now he's dead, so am I."

"..started looking at the tape and I heard this little thing in there and I turned it up it's like oh my God," said Frank.  "And what he's saying is now he's dead.. so am I."

"I really have seen a lot of things," said Gino Madrid, an investigator with T.Az.P.R.S.  "There have been a lot of instances where I have been physically attacked."

And he doesn't think just anyone should do a paranormal investigation.

"The best way I can explain it is if someone had a wet blanket and threw it on my back."

But Gino says the society will continue to investigate sightings, strange noises, and EVPS, hoping that someday, "through our investigations, we are able to come a little bit closer to that day when maybe we can sit down and have a conversation with a spirit."

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