Bill allows parents to challenge school textbooks

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  • Facebook is not content with stealing all your time, friends & privacy … now it wants your brain.

It may sound like science fiction but Techcrunch explains what went down at a Facebook conference this week:

Today at F8, Facebook revealed it h
  • There’s a battle going on to get your streaming money. Billions of dollars are spent every month. Amazon Prime, Hulu and even Kodi -for you thieves out there, are slowly growing but the Goliath in the streaming world, Netflix, isn’t worried. In f
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  • In Oswego, New York, a pitbull named “Kevin” received what most dogs can only dream of -- his very own fire hydrant. Mayor Billy Barlow presented the fire hydrant outside City Hall in his honor, and Kevin even wore his best suit and tie for the o
  • High school senior Lexi Rendon is legally blind, and no stranger to adversity. She was born with a rare form of cancer that claimed her left eye and most of the vision in her right. Even the strongest, however, can use a helping hand. Her seeing-eye