Police: Florida man accused of kicking, dragging puppy

Police arrested a man accused of beating his five-month-old puppy.  Investigators said the alleged incident was caught on camera.

Witnesses said it happened on Monday night at the Messina Apartments in New Smyrna Beach off State Road 44. 

"I just noticed a dog beating his dog while he was walking him, and I got him on camera doing it," said a man who called 911. 

After direction from neighbors, police found the suspect’s apartment. 

"There’s literally like dog pee and feces all over where the floor is because he was beating the dog so bad," said another 911 caller. 

They arrested 37-year-old Danny Brandner on a charge of felony animal cruelty. The following was heard on an officer's body-worn camera during the arrest. 

"Is this for real?" Brandner is heard asking the officer.  "Yeah!" the officer responds.  "Why? What did I do that’s illegal?" he asks

Brander did not say much to police in the body cam released to FOX 35 News but said he did not hurt his dog. 

"I didn’t hit my animal," he told officers.  "We have video of it," they explained. 

The dog was taken to the South East Volusia County Humane Society. The police department said the dog appears to be OK and had a check-up Wednesday afternoon. 

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