Decapitated, mutilated animals left at Florida pro-life pregnancy center

Three animals were decapitated, mutilated, and dumped in front of a pro-life pregnancy center in Orlando.

A dead lamb, chicken, and another bird was found decapitated in front of the JMJ Pregnancy Center in Orlando. A staff member found the animals in front of the center when they were leaving for the day Wednesday afternoon.

"Very disturbing, very tragic," said Executive Director Bob Perron. "We’re pretty sure they had been mutilated, It was ritualistic. They had all been decapitated including a baby lamb."

The pro-life pregnancy center has been in Orlando for the last 33 years. Perron said they’ve never seen anything like this before.

"Right away I knew it was some kind of attack. Unfortunately, there are people out there that since we don’t refer for abortions, feel violence is the answer," said Perron. "If there are people that disagree, let’s have a civil discourse, let's not throw dead animals on your property."

Orlando Police are working with Animal Services to investigate and figure out who is responsible.

"It’s happening all over the country to pregnancy centers," said Perron. "This is not just something happening here in Orlando. It needs to be taken seriously and the people who did this, the persecutors, should be prosecuted."

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