Amazon 4-Star store coming to Orlando at Mall at Millenia

Online shopping has been blamed for eliminating brick and mortar retailers. Now, internet giant Amazon is opening a store in Orlando.

Amazon has a few of these stores already in big cities across the country. According to its website, they are adding a lot more, including three in Florida. 

Amazon has made life easy for all of us. Shop, click and within a day, all that you've ordered is sitting on your doorstep. Soon in Orlando, you'll be able to get those items even faster.

"You don’t have to wait for the delivery, so it’s going to be right’s really convenient for you just to pick the item and then you have it right there," said Cristina Caceres, who lives in Winter Garden

A brick and mortar Amazon store is "coming soon" according to Amazon's web site to the Mall at Millenia. It will be an Amazon 4-Star store, meaning every product inside has been rated four stars or higher by customers.

"Most of the time what we do when we shop is we filter our results to four or five stars anyway so I feel like it will definitely attract a lot of foot traffic," said Christopher Newhart, who lives in Winter Garden.

The store is doing the quality filtering for you. Of course, it also requires you to actually go to a store. But according to Amazon "A lot of customers like to come in a store and still be able to touch, feel, test drive the products before they buy them."

That's exactly what they'll have the opportunity to do at the 4-Star store.

Amazon Prime customers can purchase items at the Prime rate. Those who aren't Prime customers will pay the normal price or they can sign up for a 30-day free Prime trial in person.

Shoppers told FOX 35 News they're excited about the store.

"You don’t want to buy something that’s two stars or one-star so I think it’s a great concept and it’ll probably be really popular here."

Except for maybe one thing: "I feel sorry for the products that didn’t make four stars."

Amazon has not announced a date for the opening. The other two locations planned for Florida are Miami and Palm Beach.