Daytona Beach hotels sold out for Labor Day weekend

People are making their way to Daytona Beach for Labor Day weekend and officials expect it to be even busier with the Daytona Truck Meet also taking place this weekend. 

Hard Rock Hotel Daytona Beach says they're sold out for Labor Day weekend. General Manager Androse Bell says it will be their busiest weekend since the pandemic began. The Hospitality Association of Volusia County tells FOX 35 Orlando they're expecting a 'sell-out' weekend. 

"We're ready, the city is ready, I think our fellow hotels are ready, our shop owners are ready, I think it's going to be a really good weekend," said Bell. "The last couple of months everyone has been nervous with COVID, but this weekend it's a very optimistic outlook with the excellent weather and everyone coming out to the beach." 

Revenue for the hotel is down 30 percent, but Bell said many fellow hotels are struggling even more. He believes being right on the sand helps. 

"It hasn't been anywhere near historical occupancy levels or revenues, but it is positive for us to not take as much of a loss as some of our sister destinations have more inland," said Bell. 

The Hard Rock Hotel has enhanced its cleaning measures to make guests feel comfortable. There are hand sanitizer stations all over, temperature checks, and a disinfectant sprayer that goes through the hotel three times a day.  Seals are also put on doors after the room is cleaned so guests know if anyone has been inside. 

"Making sure we are always sanitizing everything triple check everything and make sure when the guests come they feel that sense of safety so that they can relax," said Bell.