Daytona Beach leaders briefly discuss closing beaches to non-locals

The idea of closing Volusia County beaches to non-locals was tossed around by county officials but ultimately faced pushback.

Deby Denys made the suggestion at Tuesday’s county council meeting.

“In unusual times I’m willing to see what we can do to go where we have never gone before during these times and make it only for Volusia County residents,” she said.

Council members, including Ben Johson and Heather Post, pushed back.

“We’ve got to take care of our businesses out here that have been suffering already and not put out the wrong statement that could finish off some of these businesses we got to be careful there,” said Johnson.

“We need to be figuring out a solution for not tolerating and not allowing people to come into our area and not put others in danger and closing the beaches is not a way to solve that,” added Post.

Meantime, some worry a busy Memorial Day weekend including a large crowd gathering on A1A and a shooting that injured several people is bringing unwanted attention to an area dependent on tourists. 

As word spreads of another possible event planned next weekend, county officials said they are working with law enforcement agencies who are aware and prepared.

“I believe that they would be more prepared this time in the event that something would happen,” said county chair Ed Kelley.