Disney Springs to reopen May 20: Here's what will be required of visitors

The Mouse House is slowly returning to normal.

Disney Springs announced they are planning to reopen on May 20. It's the first part of Disney World's plans to get back up and running.

A limited number of shops and restaurants will reopen at first. There will be limits on parking, operating hours, and how many people will be allowed to come in at once.

The vice president of Disney Springs wrote in a blog post that there will be increased cleaning and masks will be required for cast members and visitors.

People FOX 35 spoke with said they are happy about the news.

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"I think it's good because there's a lot of people working there who need their jobs right now."

Meanwhile, all eyes are on Shanghai Disney, the first Disney theme park set to reopen on Monday. 


Disney said that it could be a road map for reopening Disney World.

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Shanghai is also putting extra measures in place by limiting capacity to 30%, and practicing social distancing. Parades and fireworks are. Guests also have to get their temperatures checked and wear a mask inside the park.

Visitors will have to pass a health screening via an app. 

“People have to have apps on their mobile device with a QR code that shows that they are not currently sick and you have to be able to show that in order to get into the area,” said Niles.

According to Time Magazine, tickets to the reopening of Shanghai Disney sold out within minutes. 

Right now, Disney World does not have a reopening date. Theme park experts think it could happen some time before the end of summer.