Florida man's quest to fulfill 'daily theft quota' lands him in jail across county lines, deputies say

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A Florida man's quest to fulfill his "daily theft quota" of $300 has landed him in police custody amid his multi-county crime spree, according to the Martin County Sheriff's Office. 

Fabio Fonseca of Deerfield Beach was arrested on retail theft and felony drug charges, according to officials. 

The 43-year-old man told deputies he had to meet a $300 "daily theft quota," so he began to take orders from people willing to buy stolen items, traveling across county lines to do so, the sheriff's office said. Among some of the items pilfered include beauty products, toys, suitcases, an air fryer, toiletries, clothes and Squishmallows. 


Photo: Martin County Sheriffs Office

During his county-to-county trek, Fonseca made his way through Martin County, where he was ultimately nabbed by deputies. Fonseca was described as a "traveling secret retail thief" by the Martin County Sheriff's Office since he would walk into local retail stores and act like a "superstar secret shopper."

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Photo: Martin County Sheriff's Office


"Except the secret was, he was stealing to fulfill his orders," the Martin County Sheriff's Office said.