Furloughed Disney musicians perform on social media in costume for 94 days straight

After being furloughed from their jobs at Walt Disney World, one couple has turned to social media to spread their love of music. 

Kathy and Jeff Thomas play in the orchestra at Walt Disney World but have been furloughed since April 2 because the parks closed due to the coronavirus pandemic. The Thomases have been putting on costumes for the past 94 days and playing music on Facebook Live. The couple plays Disney music, theme songs, and other genres. 

"We just wanted it to be something that made people laugh, just do something silly, play some fun music," said Kathy Thomas. 

The Thomas' are looking forward to the 100th performance on July 1. 

"One hundred days is a long stretch, but it’s also a painful reminder of how long we’ve been shut down," said Jeff Thomas. 

It's been difficult for many who have been out of work for months like the Thomas' because of the coronavirus pandemic. They say playing music in costume is a fun way to keep their creative spirits alive. 

"This gives us a daily outlet for our creative focus," Kathy Thomas said. 

While they're not performing on stage at the park, the couple is using social media to share their love of music with others. 

"We just thought it was going to be silly and the more that we did it we realized for some people they look forward to every day," said Kathy Thomas. "Even that little bit is helping some people hold on."