Holly Hill neighbors at odds over dog’s killing

The killing of a dog has led to tension between two Holly Hill neighbors.

Daniel Robinson was arrested after police said he shot and killed his neighbor Teresa Culver’s dog, Worthy. The incident happened on May 29. Robinson said he was mowing his yard when the dog jumped over the fence and into his yard.

“It hurts me. It breaks my heart that I had to kill that dog, but I didn’t have any choice,” he said. 

He said he went inside to get his gun and when he returned the dog got loose and charged at him so he shot it.

“It was a beautiful dog, but I'm not going to be terrorized in my own yard, and you have to understand too, I just witnessed this dog jump over a six-foot fence,” he told FOX35 over the phone.

He is now fighting the charges, saying it was self-defense. Police asked Robinson why he didn’t stay inside his house and call the police.

“This whole yard is my home, every piece of this property, is my home, and I have every right to be there, and if someone attacks me in my home and I can shoot them, I’m going to shoot them,” he said.

Meantime, Teresa Culver said the dog - an American bulldog mixed with a pit bull was her best friend.

“I know it’s a dog, but I lost more than just a pet,” she said.

She admits the dog should not have jumped over the fence, but she wishes things would have been handled differently.

“He put myself and my son’s life in danger. He could have stayed in his home, called the police, and let me deal with animal control and pay fines or whatever the case may be,” she said.

Robinson told FOX 35 News the dog threatened him in the past and he reported it to the police. Culver said the dog was not vicious and was always leashed. 

She did say it had to be quarantined after biting a neighbor when it was a puppy. 

Robinson is facing two felony charges.