'It's nerve-racking': Residents of Florida town anxious as floodwaters keep rising

Residents in Geneva, Florida continue to see flooding and the worst is yet to come.

FOX 35 News rode with a Geneva resident in the neighborhood near Mullet Lake Park to see how high the floodwaters were in Seminole County. As of Monday morning, some parts of Geneva were experiencing more than 12 feet of floodwaters, according to the Seminole County Fire Department. 

In Brevard County, the floodwaters are reaching about 16ft, which would mean that water will flow to Seminole County and adversely affect Geneva, especially in the Lake Harney area.

Some Geneva residents pumped water out of their homes on Monday, and others, who had already evacuated, gathered their belongings by canoe. The residential streets flooded with several feet of water.  


"I feel like it's total devastation out here and these people are all good neighbors and everyone is out here to lend a helping hand," said Geneva Resident, Daniel Smith. "That’s what good neighbors do."

Some residents near Lake Harney are unsure if they will need to evacuate as the water creeps toward their homes.

"Now it just keeps on rising, and it won’t stop," said Tim Edmiston, a Geneva resident. "Yeah, it’s nerve-racking."