Kim Potter released from prison

Kim Potter, the former Brooklyn Center police officer convicted in the killing of Daunte Wright, was released from prison early Monday morning. 

The Department of Corrections says Potter was released from their facility in Shakopee around 4 a.m. 

"Based on the intelligence we gathered, we released Ms. Potter at a time we felt was safest for her and for everyone at the correctional facility," DOC spokesperson Andy Skoogman said in a release.

Potter served 16 months of her sentence in Shakopee and will now move to Wisconsin, where she will serve the remainder of her sentence under supervised release. 


Kim Potters mugshot upon entering prison (left) versus the most recent mugshot released by the DOC.

The DOC says the conditions of that release are: 

  • Must maintain contact with the agent/designee as directed and comply with all agent directives and instructionsMust remain in the State of Minnesota unless granted written approval from the agent/designee, and the offender must keep the agent informed of his or her residence and activities.
  • Must submit to any unannounced visits or searches by the agent/designee of the offender's person, residence, possessions, cell phone, vehicle, or premises. The offender must comply with all drug or alcohol testing as directed by the agent/designee.
  • Must refrain from purchasing, possessing, accessing, or controlling any type of firearm, ammunition, or dangerous weapon, including replica weapons. The offender must not be found in the presence of a firearm, including those found in a vehicle where the offender is also present.
  • Must remain law abiding and refrain from engaging in any behavior that violates local, state, or federal law. Any credible evidence demonstrating that an offender has been charged with a violation of law is considered grounds to hold the offender in custody unless and until the offender is found not guilty. The offender must inform the agent/designee within 24 hours of any court appearance or contact with law enforcement.
  • Must refrain from engaging in any assaultive, abusive, violent, harassing, stalking, or threatening behavior, or other behavior that poses a risk to the public.
  • Must refrain from direct or indirect contact with any person deemed to be a victim by the Department of Corrections, any person listed in a criminal justice agency report as a victim, or anyone whom a court has determined is in need of protection as demonstrated by a current or previous order for protection, harassment restraining order, or domestic abuse no contact order, without prior documented approval of the agent/designee.