Lottery winner in Maryland identifies himself only as 'Stone Cold Money'

A Maryland man stressed over work is feeling some relief after winning some money off his stress reliever – lottery tickets

The man, who identified himself only as "Stone Cold Money," said he bought several lottery tickets at a Giant grocery store in Glen Burnie, a suburb of Baltimore, to get his mind off work. 

After getting his tickets and some groceries, he ordered some food and passed the time scanning his newly-purchased tickets on the lottery app to check for a win. 

All of them were non-winners except for the very last ticket – which was worth $50,000. 

"Oh my God," exclaimed "Stone Cold Money" once he realized he won the prize. 

He checked around the parking lot to see if anyone was there to witness this moment with him, but no one was around. 

So he shared the news with his wife, mother and friend. 


Anne Arundel County resident wins $50,000 prize on FAST PLAY Big Win ticket. Image: Maryland Lottery

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"Stone Cold Money" has worked as an IT professional for the past eight years. He plans to use his winnings to buy a house for his family, according to Maryland Lottery

In Maryland, lottery prize winners have the right to remain anonymous.

"When we meet with winners who claim prizes at our Baltimore office, we encourage them to embrace the moment and celebrate by posing for a photo that we can publish. However, anyone who wins a prize on a Maryland Lottery draw game ticket, FAST PLAY ticket or scratch-off ticket has the right to remain anonymous," the state’s website reads. 

"Stone Cold Money" did pose for a photo, but covered his face with his giant symbolic winning check. 

This story was reported from Detroit.