Nearly two dozen birds die mysteriously in Port Canaveral

Nearly two dozen birds are dead in Port Canaveral. 

The team at Melbourne's Wild Florida Rescue got a call late Saturday night while at their annual Halloween party.

"Their wings were torn off, almost - completely broken, compound fractures," said Crystene Prokop, lead wildlife rescuer for Wild Florida Rescue.


The team found 22 laughing gulls, nine of them were seriously hurt.

"They were all pretty much scattered out in rows. It was pretty wild," Prokop said.

Wild Florida Rescue took the nine surviving seagulls to a local wildlife hospital, but the birds’ injuries were too severe and they had to be put down.

"We thought maybe the powerlines at first, but the more it's investigated and looked at, it's a mystery still," she said.


Wildlife biologists are getting involved to try to find out caused the birds to die.