Proposed bill would have TSA perform temperature checks before flights

Checking your bags and your temperature? Some federal lawmakers want TSA agents to find out if you have a fever before you jump on a plane.

Senator Rick Scott introduced the bipartisan bill. It calls for a pilot program to require temperature checks at TSA screenings. People who are 100.4 or higher would not be able to get past security and airlines would be barred from charging anyone who has to change or cancel their flight because of the temperature check.

“Personally, I think it’s ridiculous. As you can see I’m not wearing a mask – I don’t agree with it at all,” said traveler Chad Myers.

“I think it will be comfortable for people -- especially older people with high blood pressure and diabetes like me. I think I would like that better,” traveler April Gomez told FOX 35.

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Kerrin Williams, who just returned from Jamaica, said that temperature checks were required on the island. He explained that "when we first got there, Jamaica was on point. We spent 45 minutes in the airport before we could even leave the airport. Get our temperature checked, answer all the questions."

As people push for American airports to do more, one airline has announced it will begin offering passengers COVID-19 tests. United said it will offer rapid COVID-19 testing to those flying from San Francisco to Hawaii. The program could be expanded as more people look to get back to popular destinations that require a negative COVID-19 test.


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