Rapid results COVID-19 tests coming to Florida

Massive shipments of rapid coronavirus tests are coming to Florida that can get results in 15 minutes or less.

Governor Ron DeSantis says these tests will be helpful for seniors citizens as well as schools. The reason for that is he hopes these tests will be able to prevent shut downs and mass quarantines for students since these tests can produce results in 15 minutes or less on the spot without going through a lab.

The test from Abbott Laboratories uses a nasal swab to determine if someone is infected with COVID-19 in just 15 minutes or less and does not require a lab or any type of machine. 

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"These are just in the nostrils both nostrils, they'll put it in here, close it, and then you get the results, so it's a really interesting technology," DeSantis said Tuesday.

Florida has just started receiving a weekly shipment of about 400,000 of these rapid COVID-19 test kits --- all free from the federal government.

The bulk of the tests will be sent to senior communities and long-term care facilities. The rest will go to state testing sites and school districts.