Red Cross to help storm damage victims in DeLand

The Red Cross is working to help those affected by the possible tornado that ripped through DeLand on Tuesday.  

Volunteers have set up an area to help storm victims. They’re here to help people who may no longer be able to live in their homes because of severe storm damage. 

On International Speedway off of Woodland Boulevard, the road was flooded and cars were stalled out. Nearby neighborhoods looked like the aftermath of a hurricane.

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Huge trees uprooted, branches in the road, roof shingles ripped to the ground. Residents say the second the tornado warning hit their cell phones, debris started swirling around outside their homes. The winds knocked over a fence, sending a roof threw a yard and even slamming a giant tree through a living room. 

"We have no power. A lot of us in this area without power and we’re probably going to be without power for a while. That's the hardest part."

If you or someone you know is no longer able to live in your home due to the storm damage, you can contact the Red Cross. There is an emergency site set up with shelter assistance at the Lowes off of International Speedway Boulevard.