Rules of wearing a mask and not wearing one

As retail shops and restaurants are reopening, some require masks; however, FOX 35 News discovered that not all customers are following the rules

You’ve heard the saying, no shirt, no shoes, no service? Now there’s an addition to that list: the mask.

"A private business can require that someone wear a mask," says First Amendment attorney Larry Walters.

Places like Fresh Market and Costco are requiring customers to wear a mask. Despite the rules, some choose to break them.

"It makes me feel like they’re not believing there’s a virus or respecting other people," says concerned customer Diane Murphy.

"Seems like people just don’t care about other people,"  says customer Cody Sullins.

So what can a business do if someone’s not following their rules, and what about the rights of a person who doesn’t want to wear a mask?

"A business could call police and demand that a customer leave under a trespass law," Walters explains.  "If there were a sincere religious belief that said, 'I can’t wear a mask' for some reason, perhaps a store would have to accommodate that religious belief."

If someone disabled also struggles wearing mask.

"That’s a situation where I can see the ADA (American Disability Act) handicapped laws being enforced," Walters adds.

Orange County sheriff's deputies and Orlando police officers say they haven’t cited anyone for not wearing a mask inside a business.

"I think they should, yes. Absolutely!" Murphy says.  "It’s a little uncomfortable but as long as I have mine."