'Shoot her, bae!' Feud between ex-girlfriends ended in fatal shooting, Cocoa police say

The Cocoa Police Department says two women who are charged with second-degree murder allowed their tempers to flare and resorted to deadly violence on Tuesday night.

Nitekka Lennear, 27, was shot nine times and pronounced dead at an area hospital.

Police say Leniquea Byrd, 19, and Aniyah Thomas, 21, were arrested shortly after the shooting.  Investigators said they were able to identify them because the whole incident was being streamed on Facebook Live.

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Police say Byrd was the shooter and that Thomas was yelling during the event for Byrd to "Shoot her! Shoot her, bae!"

The shooting happened at the Clear Pond Estates Apartment complex.  

According to police, Lennear went to the property wanting to confront her Thomas over something that was posted to Facebook.  

Witnesses described a brutal scene -- the shooting happened as other tenants were arriving home from work or heading out for the night and it was still daylight.

Police said back in July, Lennear was charged for domestic violence over an incident with Thomas.