Surfers prepare for big waves from Hurricane Fiona, and warn others about rip current

While Hurricane Fiona won't hit Florida, it's sending some big waves to the coast.

It's something surfers have been waiting for all year.

Waves were already picking up Wednesday, but surfers are expecting anywhere between six and 10 foot waves Thursday and the best conditions coming Friday morning.

While the waves are picking up, rip currents are also getting more dangerous.

"The water is extremely choppy, like you walk out there, and you feel like it’s going to take you with it," said Miyaika Rambert, visiting from Atlanta."

Others choosing to stay out of the water altogether.

"Not swimming," said Brysen Stork. "Sipping beer and watching, but not swimming, definitely not."

Surfers are watching the fast-moving category 4 storm closely.

"We live for this," said Ryan Reagan who owns Vast Ocean Surf in Daytona Beach. "When a hurricane comes, it just builds and builds and builds, then we surf it while it’s huge and windy. And then the next day or two after it goes by, it’s usually super glassy and fun."

Reagan says he's fully booked with lessons the rest of the week.

While the waves are picking up, beach patrol will be watching swimmers closely.

Reagan warns against anyone going in while the tide is going out.

"I do not teach anymore on a big swell that has an outgoing current, because I’ve watched many people drown here from all over the world in the eight years that I’ve been in business," Reagan said.