USF survey: Most Floridians want a statewide mask mandate

The majority of Floridians would support a statewide mask mandate, according to new survey from the University of South Florida.

Results provided by researchers at USF’s School of Public Affairs show that 87-percent of those surveyed would support a statewide mask mandate, with 73-percent indicting that they would ‘Strongly Support’ such a measure. In addition, 82-percent believe that prevention guidelines being emphasized by public health officials are effective in slowing the spread of the coronavirus. When it comes to the pandemic, 55-percent of those surveyed believe the worst is not yet behind us.

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Researchers surveyed 600 Floridians from across the state from July 30 through August 10 for their data.

In addition to face masks, Floridians weighed in on other areas including the reopening of schools and concerns about election season.

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As for schools, 73-percent of respondents indicated that they would support a statewide decision to close public schools this Fall.

About 46-percent of Floridians feel that political candidates should not hold any rallies in Florida this Fall, while another 42 percent feel that political rallies should only be held if they can follow proper social distancing guidelines.

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On Monday, Florida reported its lowest number of new coronavirus cases since mid-June. The state reported 2,678 new confirmed cases and 87 deaths.