VIDEO: Cars flipped over, trees on roofs after possible tornado tears through DeLand

Severe weather in Volusia County, including a Tornado Warning, brought heavy rain and wind to the DeLand area, caused significant flooding and damage.

The storm left thousands without power. Trees were toppled, roofs ripped, cars flipped over and debris has been scattered along roads. 

Emergency crews say there are six blocks worth of damage to businesses and homes on Woodland Blvd. 

The City of DeLand posted on Facebook that the damage seems to be contained to a northern section of DeLand, north of Plymouth Avenue both east and west of North Woodland Avenue.


Photo courtesy: Carmel Bardin

Officials say, so far, there are no reports of any injuries.

Melissa Brissey was inside her ice cream shop when the storm came through.

"I looked outside and literally saw the tornado. It was right out here and was swirling huge coming this way."  

She says when she was able to make it safely outside, she saw cars flipped over and powerlines down everywhere. Her sign and her fence were also damaged.  

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"I prayed 'Lord please keep us safe. Thank you for your angels.' Everything calmed down, it was 45 seconds, I swear. Maybe 3 to 5 minutes." 

The National Weather Service will examine the damage to confirm if a tornado actually touched down and how intense the storm system was. 

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