VIDEO: Delta flight attendant attacked by passenger on plane in Miami

Chaos broke out on a Delta flight from Miami to Atlanta Monday night after a passenger hit a flight attendant in the face.
A witness tells FOX 35 News that the flight attendant seen in the video confronted two passengers for not following crew safety instructions before take-off. 

The verbal altercation then turned physical, a video captured by Antwanette Moore (@AntwanetteMoore/Twitter) shows.

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The two passengers were eventually escorted off the plane. 

Delta sent FOX 35 this statement:

“There is nothing more important than the safety of our people and customers. We do not tolerate violence of any kind and this situation is currently under investigation. That’s why two customers who did not comply with crew safety instructions were asked to deplane flight 1997 this evening. We apologize to customers for the flight delay this caused.”