Volusia County Beach Rescue warns against Easter gatherings

As Easter weekend begins, Volusia County Beach Rescue is reminding people the beach is only open for limited activities.

Since mid-March, beach patrol has issued about 800 warnings, said Captain Tamra Malphurs. Cpt. Malphurs said allowed activities include walking, jogging, biking, fishing, swimming and surfing.

“It’s nice that they’re at least letting exercise on it a little bit,” said New Smyrna Beach resident Terri Smith.

Cpt. Malphurs said sunbathing, group gatherings and sitting in chairs are some of the things not allowed. FOX 35 News was there as a couple sitting in beach chairs was given a warning.

“Those include education, educating people on the regulations and what they can and can’t do on the beach,” said Cpt. Malphurs.

People could face more than a warning.

“We will try to educate people... tell them they have to leave and gain compliance verbally before we try to make an arrest, but if we have to make an arrest we will,” she said. “We need everyone to follow these guidelines.”

Beach patrol plans to add more lifeguards over the holiday weekend. 

“We don’t like doing this but this is something we have to do until this pandemic is over,” said

Malphurs.She added lifeguards have issued two $50 citations.