Watch domineering Florida bear take off with life-size reindeer Christmas decoration outside home

A wandering bear hilariously found himself an unlikely companion just in time for the holidays. 

Just outside a Longwood, Florida home, a bear can be seen wandering into the yard of EJ Levin in the middle of the night. 

Around 3:42 a.m., Levin's Ring camera captured the black bear curiously approaching three lit-up reindeer Christmas decorations. 

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Credit: EJ Levin

"It’s like they’re all there, next thing you know, the camera turns on, bear comes in and paws it down," said Levin. 

The bear effortlessly knocks down the first reindeer as it doesn't seem to impress him much. 

He then goes for the middle reindeer, knocking it down, but appearing to take a liking to this one. 

A few moments later, the bear can be seen dragging the entire reindeer by mouth away from Levin's home.