Watch: Trick-or-treater puts candy in empty bowl outside Lakeland home

Parents encourage their kids to be polite while trick-or-treating on Halloween, but the parents of one Lakeland child can be proud of her considerate nature.

Homeowner Lauren Lloyd said she was looking through the video from her doorbell camera of trick-or-treaters taking candy from the bowl she left outside her door. 

When a young girl approached and yelled "trick or treat!" an adult could be heard pointing the kid to the bowl to the right of the door.

"Oh!" the girl exclaimed, but was quickly disappointed to see there was no candy left in the bowl. 

Instead of walking away, she did something very special. 

The girl reaches into their bag and starts pulling out candy and leaving it in the bowl. She reached back into her bag at least three times and then dropped the treats in for other kids to take. 

"I was watching the video to see how we went through so much candy so fast and instead came across this! These parents deserve an award!" Lloyd told FOX 13.