Deadly Winter Springs carjacking suspects set woman ablaze after carjacking her for $170K: new federal docs

FOX 35 has obtained new federal documents that detail what happened to Katherine Altagracia Guerrero De Aguasvivas on the day of her death. 

The 31-year-old was carjacked at gunpoint in broad daylight in Seminole County on April 11. The incident, which was captured on video by a witness, has made national headlines as local authorities tried to piece together what happened to the woman from Homestead on her way to Central Florida. 


Now, the U.S. has filed a motion for detention in the U.S. District Court of the Middle District Court of Florida, which reveals that four people were behind the carjacking resulting in death – and they've all been charged accordingly. 

Initially, Jordanish Torres-Garcia was named as the alleged carjacker and the person visible in the now-viral video of the incident, according to officials. He appeared in court last week. 

Now, three other people – one of whom is a new man not previously mentioned in the investigation until this point – have been indicted by a grand jury, documents show. 

Here's who they are:

  • Jordanish Torres-Garcia, 28
  • Kevin Ocasio Justiniano, 27
  • Giovany Crespo Hernandez, 27
  • Dereck Alexis Rodriguez Bonilla, 21

All four suspects are from Orlando. 


(From left to right) Jordanish Torres-Garcia, Giovany Crespo Hernandez, Kevin Ocasio Justiniano, Dereck Rodriguez Bonilla (Photo: Seminole County Sheriff's Office)

Here's what they're being charged with: 

  • Carjacking resulting in death
  • Kidnapping
  • Use of a firearm during and in relation to a crime of violence, causing death

It should be noted that early on in the investigation, the Seminole County Sheriff's Office said Crespo Hernandez would not be charged with the actual carjacking. Only Torres-Garcia and Ocasio Justiniano, at the time, were expected to be charged for that. 

According to these documents, Torres-Garcia and Ocasio Justiniano "perpetrated" the carjacking and kidnapping. Crespo Hernandez was charged federally this week on unrelated drug charges after a search warrant was executed on his home amid the investigation into Katherine's death. 

Now that the case has been handed off to the feds, they have brought forth these new carjacking charges. As a result of the federal indictment, the state filed a motion to keep the four suspects in custody before trial. 

"The government submits that each defendant poses a significant risk of flight and a grave danger to this community if released," the motion said. 

Here are four things we learned from these new federal documents:

Why was Katherine in Central Florida?

Early in the investigation, the Seminole County Sheriff's Office said Katherine was on her way from Homestead to Crespo Hernandez's Casselberry home to "deliver money and other items." The federal documents made it clear that Katherine was going to Crespo Hernandez's home to retrieve $170,000 of apparent illegal drug trafficking proceeds. 

"Crespo Hernandez was engaged in the drug distribution business," the documents said. 


Katherine Altagracia Guerrero De Aguasvivas (Photo: Seminole County Sheriff's Office)

No other details about Katherine's alleged involvement in Crespo Hernandez's "drug distribution business" were revealed in these documents. 

Why was Katherine targeted?

As Katherine drove from Homestead to Casselberry, Crespo Hernandez called Torres-Garcia "and conspired with him to rob and carjack (Katherine) for the $170,000 after she retrieved it from Crespo Hernandez," the documents said. 

Torres-Garcia then allegedly recruited Ocasio Justiniano and Rodriguez Bonilla, who had not been mentioned in the investigation up until the release of these documents, into the "conspiracy."

Torres-Garcia and Ocasio Justiniano were caught on surveillance footage buying lighter fluid at a gas station, which would eventually be poured on Katherine's body, the documents said. 

The surveillance photos of the two men buying lighter fluid were included in the federal documents. 


(Photo: Court documents filed in the U.S. District Court Middle District of Florida)

How did Katherine die?

Katherine drove at gunpoint to a remote construction area in the Boggy Creek area of Kissimmee, the documents said. She was ordered to follow the green Acura in front of her, which was being driven by Ocasio Justiniano, according to the feds. 

They drove from the carjacking site – the intersection at Tuskawilla Road and East Lake Drive in Winter Springs – to Kissimmee. It was a ride that took about an hour, according to the documents. 

In the documents are surveillance photos showing the green Acura leading the white Dodge Durango to Kissimmee. 


(Photo: Court documents filed in the U.S. District Court Middle District of Florida)

At the deserted construction area in Kissimmee, lighter fluid was poured on Katherine's body, and she and her Dodge Durango SUV were shot multiple times, according to prosecutors. 

She was reportedly shot using a 10mm gun that Ocasio Justiniano allegedly got from Rodriguez Bonilla, the documents said. Prosecutors said Rodriguez Bonilla denied providing the murder weapon and instead said he was there to "loan $80 to Torres-Garcia."

Prosecutors said Katherine was then lit on fire inside the passenger seat of her own vehicle. It remains unclear at this point if she was alive. 

Minutes later, surveillance video evidence in the federal documents shows Torres-Garcia handing what appears to be cash to Rodriguez Bonilla.

Photos in the federal filing show Katherine's torched Dodge Durango. 


(Photo: Court documents filed in the U.S. District Court Middle District of Florida)

The documents also state that the victim's body could be identified only by DNA testing of her blood-stained and burned SUV. The Medical Examiner's Office has not yet revealed Katherine's cause of death. 

Is Katherine's death linked to the shooting death of a tow truck driver?

Early on in the investigation into Katherine's death, the Seminole County Sheriff's Office was able to link it to a shooting the day prior involving tow truck driver Juan Luis Cintron-Garcia. The link was the green Acura – it was involved in both incidents, according to authorities, although it was unclear how. 

Cintron-Garcia towed the green Acura on March 19. 

About a month later – on April 10, the day before Katherine was carjacked and killed – Cintron-Garcia returned to his home in Taft and got out of his truck, where a green Acura stopped in the street near his driveway, the documents said. That's when two men, one of which was Torres-Garcia, allegedly shot Cintron-Garcia multiple times, causing his death. Over 100 rounds were fired at him and his home. His family was inside. 


Juan Luis Cintron-Garcia (Photo: Kristy Garcia)

The gun used to kill Cintron-Garcia was the same gun used to kill Katherine, according to the documents. 

"After the shooting, one of the assailants was observed retrieving something from (Cintron-Garcia's) truck before fleeing in the green Acura," the documents said. 

What was grabbed and the identity of the second gunman was not revealed in the federal documents.