SeaWorld CEO resigns

SeaWorld CEO Serge Rivera has resigned. The Orlando Sentinel reported that a disagreement with the board’s decision-making is the reason for his departure.

Coronavirus spark travel deals

Prices on some cruises and flights are very low due to worry over the coronavirus. Some businesses are even offering incentives to book travel now or keep reservations.

Controversial union measure backed in Florida House

The bill includes a series of requirements dealing with issues such as workers signing authorization forms if they want to join unions. Government agencies could not deduct dues from the workers’ salaries until receiving the authorization forms from bargaining agents. Also, employers would have to confirm the deduction authorizations with the workers.

Program trains you to be professional roadie for a rock star

You can live the rock and roll lifestyle while making some good money. FOX 35's David Martin has details about El Camino, a new school of music, repair and technology. With the eight-week intensive training, you can learn how to be a professional roadie.