UCF students participate in 'flipped classroom' experience

There is a unique learning environment at the University of Central Florida known as the flipped classroom. It's a twist on the traditional student-teacher learning experience where the role as the faculty member changes from the sage on the stage to the guide on the side.

Changes to Bright Futures funding bill

A Florida Senate panel on Tuesday scaled back a bill that would have reduced Bright Futures scholarships for students pursuing certain degrees, but opponents are now focusing criticism on whether the measure will jeopardize future funding for the program.

Florida museum receives $100K grant

The Florida Museum of Natural History in Gainesville received a grant from Duke Energy that will provide environmental education for the new Florida Water Exhibit.

CDC relaxes school COVID-19 guidelines

Last week was Spring Break for many of Central Florida students and Monday will be their first day back in class. It's also the first day since the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released new guidelines for the classroom.

Scholarship money based on major?

Florida lawmakers may decide to give out scholarship money based on a student's college major. Legislation passed by the Senate Education Committee would reduce Bright Future Scholarship dollars for students who do not choose majors with promising job prospects.

Bright Futures scholarship to see changes

Under pressure that has included a student-led opposition campaign, lawmakers are expected to overhaul a controversial Senate proposal that would tie Bright Futures scholarships to a list of job-creating degrees.

One year since Florida schools shut down

It's been a year since Florida schools shut down and turned to remote learning, and now we're seeing the impacts. A new report just released shows, the sooner we get back to normal, the better it will be for students

Bathroom backlash continues in Brevard

Parents in Brevard County are expected to voice their concerns at Tuesday's school board meeting over guidelines allowing male students who identify as female to use female bathrooms and locker rooms.