Here are the top 10 deadliest national parks, according to research

The serene landscapes of our national parks feature a plethora of mountainous landscapes, pristine beaches and lush forests, but there are some deadly risks associated with visiting. Outdoor clothing brand KÜHL looked at different criteria and came up with a list of the top 10 deadliest national parks.

How fake skin may help in mosquito fight

From handheld spray to the big guns on the ground and in the air, it’s an ongoing fight against the mosquito population. Now, researchers at UCF’s College of Medicine are taking a different approach toward lifesaving research into the world's deadliest animal.

Hurricane making Florida's red tide worse

Spring breakers visiting Florida have noticed thousands of pounds of dead fish along beaches due to red tide. Researches believe Hurricane Ian shifted currents that created the environment for the red tide outbreak.

Saving Florida's native plants amid development boom

With all the development around Florida, there’s often little to no effort to save the shrinking number of native plant species. But a team of conservation experts from the University of Florida is now trying to change that.

Second eaglet emerges from egg in southwest Florida

One day after an eaglet hatched at a well-known nest in southwest Florida, its sibling also emerged from its egg, making bald eagles Harriet and M-15 the proud parents of two tiny new eaglets.