Disney to layoff thousands: report

After announcing a plan to slash nearly 7,000 jobs, Disney is reportedly instructing managers to propose budget cuts and put together lists of employees to be laid off in the coming weeks.

NASA plans ambitious schedule for 2023

NASA says it will keep the International Space Station in orbit through 2030 but Russia will be pulling out of the multi-national facility made of components that first launched in 1998. NASA has several key ISS supply launches planned in 2023 and the space agency also has more moon missions in the coming year.

Artemis I: NASA to test rocket on Wednesday

After two scrubs and a series of technical issues, NASA is preparing for another test of the Artemis I Space Launch System on Wednesday. How that test goes will determine the launch schedule.

First look at Disney Wish cruise ship

FOX 35's David Martin is onboard the Disney Wish, the fifth cruise ship by Disney. There is first-of-its-kind suite in the ship's funnel, called the Wish Tower Suite. The two-story penthouse in the sky can sleep eight people.