Puppy for a purpose

A St. Petersburg police officer who was a K9 handler in Afghanistan was just presented with a new puppy as a way to show gratitude for her service.

Ducklings rescued from storm drain

It was a happy Mother's Day reunion for one mama duck and her family of ducklings. The Brevard County Fire Rescue shared these photos on Facebook after they rescued the ducklings from a storm drain in Melbourne.​

Brody the Bear undergoes MRI

Brody the Bear has been undergoing treatment at the Brevard Zoo for a year and underwent an MRI on Sunday. The bear has hip dysplasia which causing it to limp.

Research suggests dogs get bad rap on cleanliness

There is new research when it comes to stretching the truth. Those who lie habitually have difficulty recognizing lies from others, studies suggest. And it's not your dog's paws that are messing up your place. Researchers found there is often more bacteria on the shoes of pet owners than on their pet's paws.