Owl on mend after rescue from storm shutter

An owl is on the mend after getting stuck in a storm shutter in Miami Gardens, and rescuing the bird out of there was no easy task. It took several minutes to free the owl with the homeowner's help. They placed the bird in a kennel and took it to the Pelican Harbor Seabird Station in Miami. The owl is now being treated for a broken foot.

Puppy grams for Valentine's Day

A Florida animal shelter is offering up "puppy grams" for Valentine's Day. This is the second year that Nate's Honor Animal Rescue in Bradenton has offered visits with a puppy at the workplace in exchange for a donation to the rescue.

Florida man fights off bobcat to save dog

An Orlando, Florida man fought off a bobcat when it attacked his dog. Paul Broadhurst said he was walking his daughter's dog, Koda, Saturday morning in Orlando when a bobcat attacked them.

Dozen of cats abandoned along I-75 in Florida

Twenty-six cats were found abandoned along Interstate 75 in Florida. The cats are being cared for by the St. Francis Animal Rescue which said they were cold, hungry, confused, and endangered by passing vehicles on the highway. They're all being evaluated to see which will be good pets or good outdoor worker cats.

Manatee raising rare twin calves at Blue Spring State Park

Researchers have confirmed a manatee mother is raising twin calves at Blue Spring State Park. Manatee twins are incredibly rare, they said. The Save the Manatee Club has been tracking their mother, Estelle, and her visits to Blue Spring since 2019. Both calves are In good health.

Invasive iguanas may be adapting to cold in Florida

When it gets cold in South Florida, the National Weather Service will often issue warnings about falling iguanas. Ongoing research suggests Florida’s falling iguana phenomenon could be rarer in the future — both due to climbing global temperatures from unchecked climate change and a shift in cold hardiness in the lizards themselves.

Incurable parasite found in Cuban tree frog

University of Florida researchers report that the rat lungworm parasite, which can cause deadly disease in humans and in animals, has been found in a new host in Florida with its discovery in Cuban treefrogs, an invasive species.

Focus on wellness with goat yoga

High blood pressure, anxiety, and physical pain could be alleviated with a popular wellness trend known as goat yoga, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Effort to save manatees hits snag

An unprecedented, experimental attempt to feed manatees facing starvation in Florida has started slowly. However, a feeding station established along the state’s east coast has yet to entice wild manatees with romaine lettuce even though the animals will eat it in captivity, officials said on a news conference held remotely.

SeaWorld Orlando caring for manatees

SeaWorld Orlando is caring for a manatee that was found on the side of a road near Crystal River in Citrus County. It is just one example of how that park has helping Florida's gentle giants.

Second eaglet emerges from egg in southwest Florida

One day after an eaglet hatched at a well-known nest in southwest Florida, its sibling also emerged from its egg, making bald eagles Harriet and M-15 the proud parents of two tiny new eaglets.