Research suggests dogs get bad rap on cleanliness

There is new research when it comes to stretching the truth. Those who lie habitually have difficulty recognizing lies from others, studies suggest. And it's not your dog's paws that are messing up your place. Researchers found there is often more bacteria on the shoes of pet owners than on their pet's paws.

Returning pandemic quarantine pets

A Seminole County animal shelter says it's seeing too many abandoned animals come through the doors, which officials said could be a negative side-effect of the coronavirus pandemic.

Puppy saved from alligator attack

A man in South Florida pulled man pulled his puppy from the jaws of an alligator. The incident was recorded by a camera placed in areas where people live close to nature.

Less animals coming to the shelter

Animal shelters are empty due to the coronavirus pandemic. Fewer animals have been surrendered to shelters and there has also been a spike in adoptions.