DeSantis assails YouTube over removal of COVID-19 video

Gov. Ron DeSantis on Monday railed against YouTube and Google for removing a video of a COVID-19 discussion he had with scientists who oppose government lockdowns, school closures and mask wearing, calling it censorship. YouTube officials told media outlets the video was removed because of misinformation.

Rep. Matt Gaetz facing calls to resign

Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz hired a legal team to fight the "unfounded allegations" against him as the Justice Department investigates sex trafficking allegations involving underage girls. Meanwhile, there are growing demands that he step down.

Wrestling showdown in Seminole County

Former WWE wrestler-turned-Longwood Commissioner Matt Morgan is getting back into the ring. He's going toe-to-toe with Seminole County Supervisor of Elections Chris Anderson. FOX 35's Amy Kaufeldt talked with both of them about their very personal reasons for this match

Maritime lawyers break down legal future of CDC lawsuit challenge by DeSantis

Arguing that Florida is at risk of losing billions of dollars and tens of thousands of jobs, Gov. Ron DeSantis and Attorney General Ashley Moody on Thursday filed a lawsuit against federal health officials for sidelining the cruise industry. The governor has put his foot down, but some legal analysts say the move may not mean much.

Not guilty plea entered by Joel Greenberg

The House Ethics Committee has opened an investigation of Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz, which came on the same day that former Seminole County Tax collector Joel Greenberg entered a not guilty plea in federal court on embezzlement charges. This comes on the heels of news that Greenberg could be in talks for a plea deal which some have said could have implications into the Gaetz investigation.

Calls for investigation into alleged Florida election fraud

The Miami-Dade County state attorney has charged former Florida Sen. Frank Artiles with election fraud for allegedly propping up a sham candidate in a razor-thin Senate contest in which an incumbent Democrat was ousted by a Republican challenger in November.

President Biden doubles COVID-19 vaccination goal

Before taking office, President Joe Biden vowed to have 100 million shots administered by the end of his first 100 days. That milestone was passed a week ago. Now he’s aiming for 200 million shots administered before his first 100 days expire.

Gun control debate rages following 2 mass shootings

As images and information come to light from the mass shooting in Colorado, a familiar feeling washes over Brandon Wolf. A survivor of the 2016 Pulse shooting in Orlando, he now advocates for gun violence prevention, calling on lawmakers to pass legislation he believes is long overdue. However, gun owners, like Ron Perkinson, who owns Volusia Top Gun, believe some of the proposals from the Biden administration are not a good approach.