DeSantis sounds off on fire chief's termination

Gov. Ron DeSantis is sounding off over the Orange County Fire Rescue battalion chief who was fired, apparently for not following COVID-19 vaccine protocols. The governor says his firing goes against a new state law protecting workers from vaccine mandates.

DeSantis takes on feds in mask mandate showdown

School board meetings across Florida have gotten so out of control lately, the police are often called to the scene. The National School Board Association says that these threats could be a form of domestic terrorism.

Push to repeal Florida's transgender athletes law

There is a new push to repeal the Fairness in Women's Sports Act that became law during the 2021 Florida Legislative Session. The law says that only biological females can compete in girls' sports. New legislation would repeal the ban, which some feel further isolates transgender students.

GOP governors unveil 10-point plan to end border crisis

Republican governors on Wednesday unveiled a 10-point plan to end the crisis at the southern border as they called on the Biden administration to act to solve the continuing surge of migrants, and reverse policies they say is fueling those record numbers.

Facebook whistleblower on Capitol Hill

Facebook and Instagram are back online after a six-hour outage yesterday. Engineers say the outage was due to a configuration change to their routers and was not the result of a hack. Meanwhile the social media giant is in the spotlight on Capitol Hill. A former employee at Facebook was spilling secrets before a congressional panel on Tuesday, claiming the company knows that it negatively impacts young children and they simply don't care.

Florida sues Biden administration over immigration decisions

Pointing to what they called a crisis, Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody launched another legal challenge Tuesday to immigration decisions by the Biden administration, while Gov. Ron DeSantis took a series of steps to address people coming into the state illegally.

President Biden visits West Coast

President Joe Biden made his first trip to the West Coast since taking office. He is slated to make several stops before heading to Denver on Tuesday. Points of focus for a California visit include not only a heated gubernatorial recall election, but also massive wildfires impacting the state.

DeSantis against 'biomedical security state'

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is standing firm against a vaccine passport, saying businesses will be fined if they ask people for proof of vaccination. He spoke in Pensacola saying he does not want people to live in a biomedical security state.