Senator Scott proposes changes to laws before election

U.S. Senator Rick Scott has filed legislation to change election laws, requiring mail-in ballots to be requested at least 21 day before the election. Currently the deadline is 10 days prior. The legislation would also require that all mail-in ballots be counted within 24 hours of polls closing.

Here's how to stop receiving those political text messages on your phone

If you’ve just about had it with all the political ads on TV and the unsolicited calls encouraging you to vote for one candidate over the other, you’re not alone. However, political text messages also seem to be crowding up consumers’ phones as Election Day quickly approaches. 

Bill would keep country on Daylight Saving Time

Both of Florida's senators have filed a bill to keep Daylight Saving Time. While they have addressed the subject before, this time they are using the COVID-19 pandemic as a reason to not change clocks this year.

Joe Biden campaigns in Kissimmee

Florida polling shows President Donald Trump and Democratic challenger Joe Biden are essentially tied. Biden was in Florida on Tuesday to kick off Hispanic Heritage Month in Kissimmee, in an effort to gain support from Latino voters.