Rep. Demings addresses COVID-19 pandemic response

Congresswoman Val Demings says she has been very proud of how residents of Central Florida responded to the coronavirus pandemic, observing social distancing and other safety measures. She now fears there could be a resurgence due to recent protests.

RNC to Florida?

After President Trump threatened to relocate this summer's Republican National Convention, Gov. Ron DeSantis said he thinks Florida could be a perfect alternative to North Carolina.

DeSantis says relocate RNC to Florida

President Donald Trump has threatened to move this summer's Republican National Convention from North Carolina if the state's Democratic governor doesn't ease crowd restrictions. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis says he would welcome the RNC to the Sunshine State.

Debate over coronavirus relief package

Another attempt to advance the aid bill on Capitol Hill failed in an afternoon vote. The plan would send checks to U.S. households and offer support for small businesses and the hard-hit travel industry, among other things, but Democrats say it too heavily favors corporations at the expense of public health and workers.

Super Tuesday shake up

Super Tuesday results shook up the field of presidential candidates. Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg suspended his campaign on Wednesday and offered his endorsement to Joe Biden.