Air Mobile Ministries going on another trip to Ukraine

A Brevard County ministry is heading back to Ukraine for the third time since Russia invaded. Volunteers with Air Mobile Ministries will take water purifiers with them. Each one can purify enough water for 1,000 people each day.

Biden pledges new Ukraine aid, warns Russia on chemical weapons

President Joe Biden and Western allies pledged new sanctions and humanitarian aid on Thursday in response to Vladimir Putin’s assault on Ukraine, but their offers fell short of the more robust military assistance that President Volodymyr Zelenskyy pleaded for in a pair of live-video appearances.

Humanitarian crisis in Ukraine

A humanitarian crisis is brewing in and around Ukraine. One million people – mostly women and children – have fled the country in the first week of Russia's invasion, according to the head of the United Nations refugee agency. The United Nations has predicted that upwards of four million people may eventually have to flee Ukraine. The one million people who have left so far account for about 2% of Ukraine's population.

Central Florida family working adopt children from Ukraine

Russia's war on Ukraine has put the adoption process on hold for a lot of families here in the United States. A Central Florida family hosted a child from Ukraine over the holidays. After the program ended, they decided to start the process of adopting that young boy and his two brothers, but now they say that adoption is on hold.