ULA successfully launches Atlas V

The United Launch Alliance (ULA) launched its Atlas V rocket on Thursday from Cape Canaveral. Some upcoming missions are in jeopardy or delayed due to coronavirus concerns.

Cold turtles getting extra care

Recent cold snaps have proven dangerous for sea turtles. Staff at the Marine Science Center in Ponce Inlet have been busy caring for the animals.

Dogs detecting citrus greening

Dogs specially trained by Agricultural Research Service scientists have proven to be the most efficient way to detect citrus greening, according to a recently published paper.

Meet the gator whisperer 'Alligator Robb'

After locals tried and failed to trap an alligator in a Chicago lagoon last year, they called in an expert. Frank Robb, also known as "Alligator Robb," traveled from Florida to the Windy City to catch the 5 foot, 3 inch reptile named "Chance the Snapper."

Drama over Boeing Starliner glitch

ULA's successful launch over weekend comes on the heels of launches from SpaceX. Boeing is a key player in the new space race but there have been struggling with some software malfunctions.