SpaceX plans unusual launch for Friday

There are three planned launches from Cape Canaveral planned for this week. One launch by SpaceX will use the polar launch corridor to accommodate a communications satellite for Argentina. The corridor has not been used in decades and carries with it some risks the rocket travels over populated lands.

Mars rover rolled out to pad

A Mars rover is blasting off from Cape Canaveral on Thursday. It was rolled out to the pad on Tuesday as it sit atop a ULA Atlas V rocket.

SpaceX successfully catches both fairing halves

SpaceX made history again on Monday, pulling off something they have never been able to do. The company was able to successfully catch both rocket fairing halves (part of the protective nose cone) using a ship outfitted with a special net.

SpaceX launch planned for Wednesday

SpaceX is hoping to launch the latest installment of the Starlink communications satellite system on Wednesday evening. Unlike this past weekend's launch, this will not be a crewed mission.