Massive shark rescued on Florida beach

Beachgoers came to the rescue after a massive shark was stranded on a Florida beach. A woman caught the dramatic scene on video as her husband and some other men worked to bring the shark back into the water.

Florida man comes face to face with shark

While surfing at a Volusia County beach, Mark Summerset came face to face with a shark. Literally. The surfer was bit across the face. While he needed over two dozen stitches, he's just happy to be alive to tell the story.

Shark bite victim ready to surf again

A shark bite survivor who was bitten at New Smyrna Beach is back on his feet. He's been homebound for over a month after a shark latched on to his foot while he was surfing in New Smyrna Beach

2 shark bites reported on Labor Day

Two people were bitten by sharks on the same Volusia County beach on Labor Day, according to officials. One woman was bitten in the foot, while a man was bitten in the hand.

Shark interactions on the rise in Florida?

A man is recovering in the hospital after being bitten by a shark on Anna Maria Island Sunday. It's the latest shark interaction in Florida. Meanwhile, new video shows a bull shark repeatedly and violently attacking a boat off the Palm Beach coast. The boat shook with each impact and really did some damage.

Watch: Diver frees shark snagged by fish hook

A Florida diver came face-to-face with an entangled nurse shark as he worked to free the animal from the coral blue waters of Destin. Scuba instructor Tazz Felde with Under Pressure Divers helped rescue the distressed shark from an artificial reef system in about 20 feet of water at John Beasley Park on Okaloosa Island at Fort Walton Beach.

'Cocaine sharks' may be eating dumped drugs

Thousands of sharks off Florida's coast may have ingested bales of cocaine left in the water by drug smugglers attempting to get their product into the United States. Marine biologist Tom Hird wanted to examine whether the sharks have come into contact with the drug, which is the subject of a documentary that will premiere on Discovery Channel's Shark Week called "Cocaine Sharks."

Pennsylvania girl survives shark attack

A 12-year-girl is recovering after a shark bit her while swimming in Cocoa Beach, Florida earlier this week. Magnolia Woodhead can smile about it now, but what happened Monday was no laughing matter.

Great white sharks often swim near people

Groundbreaking research released last week shows how often sharks have been spotted swimming near beachgoers in California who have no idea what’s lurking in the water beneath them – and it’s way more often than you’d think.

Man facing charges after allegedly hitting shark with hammer

A Florida man is facing two misdemeanor charges after authorities allege he attacked a lemon shark with a hammer. The lemon shark is classified as a vulnerable species and it is illegal to fish for lemon sharks in Florida waters. The shark was never found so there was no way to determine if it lived or died.