Facebook whistleblower on Capitol Hill

Facebook and Instagram are back online after a six-hour outage yesterday. Engineers say the outage was due to a configuration change to their routers and was not the result of a hack. Meanwhile the social media giant is in the spotlight on Capitol Hill. A former employee at Facebook was spilling secrets before a congressional panel on Tuesday, claiming the company knows that it negatively impacts young children and they simply don't care.

Facebook, Instagram platforms back online after outage

Facebook and its apps Instagram and Whatsapp appeared to be experiencing issues on Monday that resulted in connection trouble and the inability to load newsfeeds for thousands of users around the world, according to the company.

School reacts to TikTok challenge

A new TikTok challenge is getting so out of control one Central Florida school is taking drastic steps to protect its property.

GOP-led Florida House backs social media crackdown

After a debate that focused on free speech and former President Donald Trump, the Florida House on Wednesday overwhelmingly passed a proposal that would crack down on social-media giants that block users from their platforms.

DeSantis assails YouTube over removal of COVID-19 video

Gov. Ron DeSantis on Monday railed against YouTube and Google for removing a video of a COVID-19 discussion he had with scientists who oppose government lockdowns, school closures and mask wearing, calling it censorship. YouTube officials told media outlets the video was removed because of misinformation.

Central Florida mom sues Twitter

A Central Florida mother is going after Twitter. She is suing after she said the site allowed pornographic videos of her son to stay online for days