50-pound fish stolen from Florida Bass Pro Shops

A 50-pound tarpon was taken from a Bass Pro Shops store in Fort Myers, Florida -- and it was apparently caught on video. The Lee County Sheriff's Office said two people went to the store, where one of them grabbed a net, scooped up the fish, and then walked out. Video shared on their Facebook page shows someone walking through the store with a large fish flopping in a net. Officials are hoping someone is able to identify the person in the video.

Truck driver finds fame on 'Trucker Tok'

Michael Lombard isn’t your typical TikTok influencer. His videos aren’t of trendy dances or the latest viral challenge. Instead, he’s using his platform to make a difference in the lives of truckers. Many of Lombard’s videos show him getting fit using whatever he has at his disposal on the road. From tarps in the back of his truck or a few weights he keeps with him, Lombard never has an excuse to miss a workout.

Watch: Mystery wreckage found off the coast of Florida

Officials are investigating some mystery wreckage in the Atlantic Ocean near Daytona Beach Shores, Florida. Some theorized that the debris could be from a sunken ship, but it will take experts and specialists to confirm that. The SKYFOX Drone gives us a bird's eye view of the wreckage.

Watch: Florida teens drive reckless in high school parking lot

Video shows one teen behind the wheel and a second teen sitting on top of the car as the driver spins out and drives aggressively down the parking lot -- before crashing into a parked car. It happened Wednesday at Lake Mary High School. Police have been contacted, school officials said, while also condemning the students' actions as incredibly reckless and dangerous.

Florida man calling out bad parking with his own 'Park Narc Dan' citations

A Florida man is tired of bad parking and is calling out drivers in his own way -- with his own citation cards. "Do better next time. Don't be a piece of [poop emoji]" reads the cards, alongside a list of possible infractions: parking over line, parking on curb, no parking zone, double parked, etc.

Florida sheriff: Alleged burglars call 911 from crime scene to ask for ride to airport

Two people in Florida were arrested after one of them made a 911 call to get help with moving their belongings from a home they were burglarizing, authorities said. Deputies responded to a home Saturday after a 911 call was made, but nobody spoke, the Polk County Sheriff’s Office said. At the home, the deputies concluded that nobody lived there, but they found a male suspect and his girlfriend inside the home after entering it through an unlocked door.

Fog bow spotted in Florida: Here is what it is

Have you ever heard of a "fog bow?" It appears conditions were right for one to appear Monday in Florida. The National Weather Service in Melbourne said in a tweet that one of its forecasters captured the "fog bow" in Viera, Florida, which is southeast of Orlando.

Florida woman finds iguana in her toilet

A woman in Hollywood, Florida was surprised to find an unexpected stranger inside of her toilet. Michelle Bennett said she was startled to find an iguana in her toilet as she lifted the lid.