Homeowners against homeless housing project

A developer has plans to build a housing complex in Titusville, Florida, for those experiencing homelessness or those with mental disabilities. However, a group of homeowners nearby have concerns and are against the project.

Melbourne council talks downtown shooting

Melbourne City Council met to discuss ways to deter crime downtown after a fight in a bar escalated to a shooting outside, which injured three people. Options that were discussed included more security, more lighting, more security cameras, and requiring bars and restaurants to pay for an additional permit to sell alcohol after 11 p.m.

Florida eatery adds mandatory service fee

A Pizza Restaurant in Viera, Florida has added a 20% service fee to diners to retain workers and offset the costs of inflation on their business. Some residents expressed how they felt about the added fee.

400+ arrested in Brevard County drug bust

Over 400 people were arrested after numerous drugs were recovered including 55 pounds of cocaine, 2,400 pills, 289 pounds of marijuana, and 17 pounds of fentanyl which the sheriff says if put into a lethal dose would kill four million people.