Man sentenced for killing ex-girlfriend

A man was sentenced in Brevard County for shooting and killing his ex-girlfriend who stopped answering his phone calls and text messages outside her Melbourne home.

Melbourne has thousands of water meter transponders to fix

A Florida man was billed over $400 for 23 months of unpaid water usage he didn't know he hadn't paid. It turned out that the transponder on his water meter stopped working. There are over 10,000 reports of transponder issues in Melbourne. The City has brought new ones, but it's taking a while to replace them.

Driver arrested in death of 2 women

A man who struck two women, killing them with his car in Melbourne was charged with DUI manslaughter and other charges nearly a year after the tragic incident happened

Bar owners upset over proposed ordinance

Business owners in Melbourne are not happy about an ordinance proposed by the city that would require bars and restaurants to obtain a special permit for $500 to stay open past 11 p.m.

Downtown Melbourne could see big changes

The City of Melbourne, Florida is working with business owners to crack down on crime and make it more appealing for visitors. The city is considering revamping New Haven Ave. and is soliciting feedback on ordinance changes regarding the sale of alcohol.

Home burns after reportedly hit by lightning

A family in Brevard County is glad to be alive after, they say, their home was struck by lightning during the recent thunderstorms and sparked a fire that ravaged the home. Michael Walker said the fire started on the right side of his house and quickly spread as the winds picked up. Video he shared with FOX 35 shows the entire inside of the house burned and destroyed by the fire. FOX 35's Esther Bower gives us a look inside and shares Michael's story.

Melbourne council talks downtown shooting

Melbourne City Council met to discuss ways to deter crime downtown after a fight in a bar escalated to a shooting outside, which injured three people. Options that were discussed included more security, more lighting, more security cameras, and requiring bars and restaurants to pay for an additional permit to sell alcohol after 11 p.m.