Man tased after Corvette carjacking

A man was tased after attempting to steal a Corvette from a valet parking agent outside a Winter Park Cheesecake Factory. Body cam footage shows the moments leading up to his arrest.

Sarah Boone gets new attorney for death case

Sarah Boone, the woman accused of zipping her boyfriend in a suitcase, leaving him there to die has been appointed a new attorney after calling her previous attorney a buffoon

Winter Park considering smart-road plan for pedestrians, cars

Winter Park's streets and crosswalks could get major upgrades over the next two decades to make them safer for pedestrians and more efficient for drivers. The technology ss called CAV infrastructure, which stands for "connected and autonomous vehicle."

Park Plaza Hotel on Park Avenue is Winter Park gem

One of the more interesting "hidden gems" in the Orlando area is a place you may see quite often, yet know little about.  It’s the historic Park Plaza Hotel on Park Avenue in Winter Park, a European-style hotel with 28 guest rooms. 

Teaching history as it unfolds

The war in Ukraine is an important moment in world history that is playing out in real time. Instructors are using this as a teaching moment.