Teaching history as it unfolds

The war in Ukraine is an important moment in world history that is playing out in real time. Instructors are using this as a teaching moment.

Winter Park cancels weekend festivities

Downtown Winter Park has canceled its weekend festivities for February and March. The Chamber of Commerce has hosted socially distant weekends for the past four months to provide outdoor dining options, but leaders decided to cancel the events because of an increase in COVID-19 cases.

Resort hotel proposed for Winter Park

A huge resort could be built in a busy area of Winter Park. Some say it will help beautify a neglected area while others say it will disrupt what is a traditionally quiet neighborhood.

Winter Park hosts annual Christmas Parade

Winter Park is not letting the coronavirus pandemic get in the way of an annual holiday events. The Winter Park Christmas Parade went off without a hitch but with a few safety adjustments.

Push for single-member districts in Winter Park

A group of residents in Winter Park is trying to change the way representatives are elected to the City Council, moving from at-large representation to single-member districts. Their main concern is gentrification.