Returning pandemic quarantine pets

A Seminole County animal shelter says it's seeing too many abandoned animals come through the doors, which officials said could be a negative side-effect of the coronavirus pandemic.

Toddlers dead after being found in pond

Two Seminole County toddlers, a brother and a sister, died after apparently falling into a pond. The mother of the children said they were both autistic and it was a love for a community pond that wound up costing them their lives in what investigators believe was a tragic accident.

UK variant of coronavirus detected in Orange County

The highly contagious United Kingdom variant of the coronavirus has been detected in Orange County, according to health officials. Two tests that came back positive in Orange County were administered to residents who actually live in Seminole and Broward counties.

Seminole County explores monoclonal infusion center to treat COVID-19

Seminole County Emergency Management Director Allan Harris on Monday announced that the county will be looking at sites for its upcoming monoclonal infusion center. Monoclonal Infusion is a treatment for COVID-19 patients with mild to moderate symptoms who are at high risk for hospitalization.

Vaccine site scam warning

Seminole County issued a warning after a fake vaccine sign-up site was created which caused a lot of trouble for people and the reason behind it is still unclear.