Thunderbirds arrive ahead of air show

The elite group of U.S. Air Force pilot known as The Thunderbirds has arrived for the Lockheed Martin Space and Air Show at Orlando Sanford International Airport.

Gas line ruptures, sparks massive fire

A gas line ruptured in the middle of the night in Seminole County, forcing many out of their homes. The explosion was so powerful, people felt it as they slept. Officials said it was fortunate this happened in low population area.

Homeless veteran gets travel trailer

A homeless veteran in Sanford is homeless no more. Seminole County Deputy Carl Tipton said he spotted military veteran Richard Pajula on the streets of downtown Sanford and felt compelled to help.

Central Florida Zoo in need of help

Like many other businesses, the Central Florida Zoo has suffered from the coronavirus pandemic. The zoo lost an estimated $1.5 million in revenue when it had to close down from March to May.

Face mask protest in Seminole County

A crowd gathered in downtown Stanford on Wednesday to protest the city's mask ordinance. Demonstrators said a requirement to wear a mask infringes on their rights.

Woman to bike nationwide to honor historical figure

A mother of ten is setting off on a nationwide motorcycle ride to honor Bessie Stringfield, the first African-American woman to ride across the United States solo, and one of the few civilian motorcycle dispatch riders for the US Army during World War II.