Changes coming to Biketoberfest

Two cities in Volusia County have landed on opposing sides in the debate over coronavirus concerns and Biketoberfest. Daytona Beach has banned vendors and concerts while Ormond Beach is welcoming crowds.

Daytona Beach leaders discuss Biketoberfest

Daytona Beach leaders are assessing whether many Biketoberfest events will go on as planned. There is some reluctance after researchers say 266,000 people across the country got coronavirus at the 2020 motorcycle rally in Sturgis, making up 19 percent of the country’s new cases in August.

Teen hero in hit-and-run crash

New body camera video shows a police officer putting out a fire when a vehicle became engulfed in flames after a crash early Sunday morning.

Volusia County schools protest

Teachers and parents in Volusia County said they are concerned about transparency issues with COVID-19 data and safety of schools.

Volusia County students go back to the classroom

Volusia County schools are finally back in session after the district voted to push back the start date by two weeks in hopes of seeing the spread of the coronavirus slow down, as well as give teachers extra time to train.