Flooding concerns arise in Marion County as Hurricane Michael approaches Florida

People in Marion County are also tracking Hurricane Michael closely, as flooding is a big concern there. 

Flooding is always a concern in low lying areas with tropical storm strength winds expected. The storm surge could have quite the effect. The National Hurricane Center predicts a storm surge of four to six feet just south of Cedar Key. Marion County is just 50 miles from there.

Coastal water feeds right into the Withlacoochee River, which runs into Dunnellon. That water appears calm and the wind is very light as of Wednesday morning.

Preparations have been underway and many Marion County residents filled sandbags on Tuesday to help protect their homes from potential flooding in low lying areas. Marion County is not in a state of emergency, but could certainly feel some effects from the storm. Fox 35 meteorologists say that we could even see some quick moving rain bands with brief heavy downpours as the eye moves onshore on Wednesday.

The county however is not under a tropical storm or hurricane watch, although the tornado threat remains high throughout Wednesday.