FOX 35 Weather Alert Day: Strong to severe storms headed for Central Florida

A FOX 35 WEATHER ALERT DAY is in effect for Thursday night into early Friday morning for the FOX 35 and FOX 51 WOGX (North Central Florida) viewing areas.

This alert is to account for the possibility of damaging winds and tornadoes. It's important to have two ways of receiving weather alerts should warnings or watches get issued for our area during the overnight hours. 


The latest forecast from the Storm Prediction Center continues to highlight some our North Central Florida Counties in an ENHANCED RISK with decreasing severe opportunities South of that.


It's important to remain prepared should a few really strong storms break loose and wander into areas South of the ENHANCED RISK areas because it's certainly possible!


Latest forecast models are displaying our concerns of strong storms moving through North Central Florida early Friday morning, shifting South down the peninsula late Friday morning.

As the incoming storms use the available energy in the local atmosphere, intensity will decrease as the line weakens. Could still see a few storms around after that and heavy showers as well through Friday afternoon.


The greatest threat in all of this is of course the possibility of tornadoes. Latest forecast modeling that updates us specifically on the twister threat is highlighting some potential. It's of great importance for our viewers and visitors to Central Florida to stay on top of these changing weather conditions.

Be sure to have the FOX 35 Weather App downloaded to be the first to know if conditions turn severe in your area.